Be Responsible

Why talk to minors about cannabis?

Talking to your children about cannabis is a challenge, but important. Let them know that cannabis can potentially harm their brain development if used before the age of 25. Learn more here.

Recycling your cannabis product packaging

At BC Cannabis Stores, our employees and customers are passionate about the environment. We’ve heard your concerns about the amount of packaging that can come with some products, so learn more here.

Don't drive high: it's not worth the risk

Don’t drive high! Cannabis impairs reaction time and scientists agree that based on existing research, there is currently no safe limit. Learn more here.

Why is non-medical cannabis use restricted to adults?

One of our top priorities is to protect the health and safety of youth. In order to protect youth, the Province of BC has restricted access to cannabis. Learn more here.

Legalization for adults is here

As of October 17, 2018, Canada has legalized non-medical cannabis for adult use. Before you consider a purchase in British Columbia, learn more here.