Cannabis Q&A

Read through the Q+A below to learn about legal cannabis retail.

Is there an age requirement for entering the store or purchasing cannabis? 

While the federal Cannabis Act sets the age requirement at 18, each Province has the authority to raise the minimum age requirement. In British Columbia, the minimum age required to purchase, possess, or consume cannabis is 19. Guests must be 19 years and older to be in the store.

What do I need to purchase cannabis? 

Two pieces of ID are required to verify if guests are 19 years and older. The first must be a government-issued photo ID that includes your legal name and date of birth. The second must include your name, photo, and/or signature.

Why have the pricing and packaging of cannabis changed?

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) is the sole wholesale distributor of legal recreational cannabis, and purchases exclusively from government-approved suppliers. Our retail prices are based on standardized wholesale pricing and fee from the BCLDB, which all legal cannabis retailers must order from.

Products are manufactured, stored and distributed by Health Canada-approved suppliers, according to strict industry-wide regulations under the Cannabis Act. Cannabis products arrive at our locations in sealed packaging with standardized labels and amounts.

I can’t find a specific strain. Do you still carry it?

We are able to order products available through provincial wholesale distribution. The selection and availability of cannabis products through the province may change to due a variety of factors (e.g. limited supply, new product launches, the inclusion of recently-approved suppliers), which may impact our store offering.

High5 Retail is dedicated to offering a selection of premium products, and the team is constantly looking to stock our store with the best available products. Come back to check out our products, and let us know about your favourite products or provide product feedback via our contact page.

What forms of cannabis can I purchase? 

The federal Cannabis Act legalizes fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis oil products, cannabis accessories, and plants and seeds for cultivation. At High5 Retail you will be able to buy dried cannabis, pre-rolls, capsules, cannabis oil products, edibles, drinks cannabis accessories, and seeds. 

How much cannabis am I allowed to carry? 

Federal legislation stipulates that individuals can possess up to 30 grams of legal dried cannabis, or it's equivalent in other forms. 

Can I drive under the influence of Cannabis? 

Drug-impaired driving is illegal in B.C. This will continue to be the case after legalization. The Province has stated that it will increase training for law enforcement and toughen provincial regulations to address drug-impaired driving, as part of its cannabis legalization efforts.

Please be advised that it is illegal to have any cannabis products within reach of the driver.

Can I return opened products?

According to provincial regulation around cannabis sales, all cannabis purchases are considered final sales, except when the product is damaged/defective (expired, mouldy, or damaged in transit) or recalled.

For any other questions please feel free to contact us!